Business cards are an essential part of your business and branding!

Contact us and we can help design a next-level card that is sure to leave an impression; and if you need an immediate turnaround, we can even get you business cards same day or the following day!

Although Vistaprint and others have made it easy, there are some times when it’s not the best solution. For example, before you commit to a pricey large-scale run on high-end cardstock, you may want to tinker with the design a bit to see what works best.

I’ve found the most common use for DIY business cards is when you have an unexpected and immediate opportunity — you’re invited to a gala or party, and want to make an impression. In that case, you simply can’t wait 2 weeks for them to process and ship!

Having worked in Graphic Design since the 90s (when “Desktop Publishing” was all the rage), I’ve since developed proven methods for a number of common business needs (not only business cards and brochures, but trade booths, logos, band flyers, and tear-offs).

There are just a couple of secrets to making really good DIY business cards. The ‘secret sauce’ is partially in the design, as there are some considerations with bleed to make sure they turn out perfect. But then how do you go from designing a single card, to having a stack of them in your hand same-day? It’s easy!

I have developed a PDF template which allows me to print dual-sided business cards. This, combined with the design, basically gives me built-in edges for cutting later. After creating the single design, we pop it over and duplicate it and create front and back PDF sheets.

Then, take it to your local print shop! I had a number of small print shops that I used, but I found that Kinkos or Staples tend to have better cardstock selection. They can print it for you and the cost is only a few dollars per sheet.

Great! Now you have a sheet with multiple cards on it. Time to break out the paper cutter! If you have the correct design, it’s easy to cut along the guides to get perfect cuts every time — as long as you’re patient.

Reach out to us and we’re happy to help you — whether you have an existing brand, or thinking of rebranding or just a logo refresh, and we can get you going!

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