Here’s a few people we’ve been able to help.

  • “Zubat” had an Acer gaming laptop with a broken hinge and decreasing performance. We fixed the hinge, blew out the dust from the fans, and removed a ton of unnecessary startup items. Voila!
  • Tara’s Google Pixel phone battery started dying… even carrying around those portable batteries wasn’t helping! So we replaced it. In the process, finding out that they store the screen capacitator / touch sensor within 10mm of the edge, and it was cut…. so had to order a new LCD / capacitator. Still, $30 for a screen and $10 for a phone, keeps your phone working!
  • Melissa’s old computers – although they were no good, we able to get the data off, and give her a couple of refurbished computers.
  • Megan starting college for 3D design? She needed something with a graphics card. We were able to get her a nice Acer with a graphics card and 16GB RAM!
  • Helped Everett Plumbing and Fat Chaddy get websites up — quickly!

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