Are you still paying for SSL certificates? We can help save you money by using Let’s Encrypt, an offering from the Internet Security Research Group. It’s a free (as in free beer), open source (free as in freedom) project which aims to bring security to more websites.

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  • Linux: certbot –apache.
  • Don’t forget it you use www and not, you need to register both
  • What about wildcard certs?
  • You can totally do wildcard certs, but instead of just doing the acme HTTP request, they want to check a TXT DNS record to ensure you own the domain. Makes perfect sense. The problem is that every 90 days you’d have to create a new entry for renewal. Solution? API!
  • Some providers have good APIs to make it easy to do that. Some (like Namecheap) may only allow you to overwrite your entire record, which means having to replace existing.
  • – be careful using this in production! I wouldn’t cron it, just manually once a quarter as part of maintenance.
  • Personally, since I don’t have a need for dynamic subdomains, I just manually create the certs for each subdomain I need, which also makes it easier to revoke without affecting other subdomains.
  • LE on IIS? No problem!
  • Win Acme:
  • Be sure to move it out of downloads to somewhere permanent, because…
  • Creates task scheduled task to run for renewal. (If it’s in Downloads, will possibly get deleted)
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