I recently had one of my clients ask about where to get one of the Nvidia 30 series cards for their new gaming PC build. As we all know, it’s been hard to find — but Newegg does have some in stock!

If you’re looking for the latest and greatest, here are my recommendations:
* Depending on the games you play / performance level you want, you may not need a 30 series – you might be able to find new or used 2080TIs for a good price, or you can maybe find a Radeon RX 5000 — but watch out on driver issues on those Radeons!
* If you do want the 30 series, first, check Newegg! They are my goto for parts. They show they have some 3070s in stock, but they’re pretty expensive ($1400 instead of $800-900), and it may be ‘backordered’ (i.e. they will take your order but then it may take 12+ weeks to ship / receive the graphics card)
* There’s a few subreddits where you can find more info from people who are hella into gaming builds – r/pcmasterracer/nvidiar/buildapc.
* Most people that I’ve seen from there are saying the ‘best’ / easiest way is to buy a pre-built full computer which has the graphics card they want, and then put it in their rig they built themselves. But IIRC, you’re looking / still building your own rig right? So you may just be able to buy a pre-built, like this one (expensive, but has the 3080 and will probably ship pretty fast) or this one (this is a great price for the specs, has the 3070).

One of the most important things when you find one in stock though! Before buying, you will want to email or call the vendor to ask about shipping / delivery time. They may show “in stock” while actually backordered.

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