Since we relocated to Puerto Rico, it made sense to find a new branding which was more applicable and approachable. Thus the name change — but the service and quality remains the same!

A quick digression into the history of Reala.

The first time I came up with the idea for a Tech Services company was in 2006 — a hastily typed one-page “business plan” for a mobile computer repair service, targeting small offices. This was even before smartphones were a thing. It never left the drawing board, but when I stumbled on it years later while cleaning up old data, it was titled “the best damn idea I ever had”… which may turn out to be true after all!

While living in Samoa, I was acting as an independent tech contractor for a number of clients, and I started thinking about branding. For a year or so my business cards read “Rage Against The Machines”, but I think the humor was lost on most of the corporate types I worked with.

In 2013, I decided to build a website of my own offering tech services. After much deliberation, I had decided on “Next” (without knowing that Steve Job’s side venture was called that. Great minds and all. On New Year’s Eve of that year, I turned down offers to go out and instead put my nose to the grindstone, and on January 1st, Next SLC was created.

However, I never really pursued it as a serious offering as I had always been gainfully employed.

Fast forward to late 2019, and I find myself creating a Web3 project for “finding your lost dog using the blockchain” (yes, really). Originally called “Project LEON” (for Laser Engraved ON-chain), it quickly gathered dust as well. Eventually this was rebranded to Reala, but still in an exploratory phase.

In summer of 2020, during the height of the first wave of the pandemic, I had finally gotten all my ducks in a row and decided to undertake the venture seriously. After a year of planning, Quantum Leap Chicago was born in July of 2021 with a focus on web design.

After a year of successful business, in July 2022, I became the CTO for one of my clients. Since then Quantum Leap Chicago has been on the back burner. But now in 2023 having moved to Puerto Rico, the Quantum Leap Chicago name is no longer applicable…. so I chose “Reala” as it works well in both English and Spanish, and is short and accurately encompasses what we strive to achieve — real results, for real people.

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