Branding is a vital part of your business. Your online presence must accurately reflect that — nothing will drive a picky customer away faster than a website which is broken, ugly or outdated, or hard to remember.

One of the first steps begins with a good domain name, which accurately captures your business. There’s a well-known story about Bob, who ended up selling “” to Microsoft in exchange for (which Microsoft happened to own). There’s an entire industry around domain name squatting and reselling, which often borders on extortion with the exorbitant prices that most resellers demand.

Quantum Leap Chicago wants to help local businesses, by helping build their brand identity and manage their reputation online. As part of this, we may purchase domains in order to build demos or offer them to you. Unlike most resellers, we aren’t buying en masse or charging outrageous amounts — we’re happy to work with you directly!

If you were redirected here from another site name, then we likely own the domain name in question. Any content published on these sites are for demo purposes only; we strive to ensure any published content accurately reflects your business, while we work to improve and offer you options.

Besides domain names, there are many pieces to the puzzle. Our marketing specialists can help ensure that your brand is easy to find for your target customers, that you’re not stuck using a gmail address for your business, and help maintain your brand reputation. We can help you start a new business, or revamp your existing one.

Please contact us directly to discuss options for web development work or purchasing the domain name from us.

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