Anyone who’s been into technology for the past 20 years, has probably managed a headless linux server at one point. (Headless, meaning, without GUI installed).

Whether you created it on purpose (to manage your Samba 4 domain), or inherited it (updating a website on Apache), one thing that stands out is, most admins don’t have the foggiest about setting up Wifi via the Linux CLI.

Here’s an excellent guide:

I had a neat little 2-port box plus wifi, that I wanted to turn into a Proxmox server running PFSense. But Proxmox needs a dedicated management interface; and PFSense needs two interfaces (for WAN / LAN side).

I tried like hell to setup the wlan0 to work as the management port, but it turns out that Proxmox just doesn’t like it. (Whether that’s a bug or by design, I’m not sure). And since proxmox is the host, you can’t just create vmbr bridges for it – maybe, I think I gave up and moved on to a new project.

Anyway, wireless technology is here to stay – whether it’s 5g or Wifi 6, we can help. Reach out today!

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