Anyone who’s ever had to call a support center, will understand the feeling in this article. Passed from obscure department to department, given terminology and excuses that don’t make any sense, and a strict adherence to KPIs such as SLA and FCR is enough to make any user scream.

Luckily, we believe in empowering people to help others, and minimizing overhead when it’s not necessary – while still maintaining adherence to important processes and quality controls.

I have spent years working in a contact center, including as an ACCM – doing all the work, but none of the recognition (or pay raise!). Having been impacted personally by bad policies and processes (no way to de-escalate bullshit written warnings / points, despite strict adherence) , I know how to improve policies to allow for the human element.

I have also worked in a Project Management capacity, even looking to get my PMO certification at one point; but ultimately my love for tech and busy lifestyle lead me down other paths. But if you’re looking for a short term contractor to come in, work with your team to identify areas for improvement and help implement them — I’m your man.

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