Work From Home (WFH) or ‘telecommuting’ has always been a contentious issue. Some people love it, some people hate it. But for the majority of office or tech workers, the data is clear that they love it. Aside from some feelings of isolation or ‘disconnectedness’ from their coworkers (which may be a good thing!), it also shows that productivity can increase by as much as 13%!

The Covid-19 pandemic brought this issue to the forefront, and whether you like it or not, WFH is here to stay — at least for a large segment of tech and office workers. Google has recently announced that they are extending their Work From Home until at least Jan 10th, 2022, and other companies have mixed approaches to return to office or work from home.

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Personally, I love working from home; but that’s after years of refining my process. What works for me may not work for you, but here’s a few tips that I’ve discovered to be most productive.

  • Dedicated Office:
    I find working from the couch to be cramped and uncomfortable. I prefer my mouse over touchpad, and have a large monitor setup, and a nice chair. Importantly, I can take calls or listen to music without affecting others.
  • Dedicated Schedule:
    Some jobs may be more results based than others, and it’s easy for most to procrastinate. My most productive time is first thing in the morning, so I tend to ‘front-load’ my tasks for the day.
  • Flexibility:
    That being said, I occasionally get motivated or have time to work on things at night. I’m much more motivated to do that when it’s just stepping into my office, instead of having to pull up your laptop on the couch and VPN into the network. Depending on your job, the flexibility of being able to take care of children or pets (walks, etc) is also a huge plus!
  • Lunch at home:
    I eat much healthier, and save tons of money not going out to eat on short office lunch breaks! Plus it saves time (don’t have to pack a lunch in the morning, no time spent driving), so I tend to get to enjoy a full lunch hour.
  • Environmental Impact:
    While many people use public transit, I’ve generally opted to drive to / from the office. The less driving we can do the better!

The list goes on, but just a few insights and tips here.

One problem though can be the “bring your own device” or lack of IT support for WFH workers. Especially when it comes to common issues like slow internet speeds or an unexpected computer failure, traditional office IT may leave you out to dry, saying it’s not in their scope of support.

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We can help with any of your WFH needs, either at an individual level, or as a small company supporting your now remote workforce. Whether it’s helping you carve out a better working space in your home or getting good internet speeds. If you’re a company struggling with creating new users on your VPN or setting up better collaboration software, we got you covered!

I worked as a consultant throughout the pandemic, and have proven solutions to help us all be more productive — whether at home or in the office! Just drop me a line and we’ll get it sorted!


Christopher “Owen” Owens
Technical Consultant | Lv. 32 Cyberwizard
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