Everyone talks about security and privacy, but what happens if a device gets lost — or worse, stolen?


I’ve used these guys for 10 years, from when I purchased my first “really nice” laptop and lived on a very small island in an isolated house in the jungle, and where ‘borrowing’ others’ things was commonplace. The software is amazing and just works! It will lock your computer, take photos via the webcam to try and capture the person’s face, etc.

Using this, along with other security measures (such as full disk encryption) can help keep your data safe! This is especially vital for WFH/ BYOD workplaces where you may have confidential information on laptops.

Windows Security is a joke.

However, the one time my laptop did get stolen, it was some kids who went and literally buried it in their backyard, since they couldn’t get past the login screen. I had to speak to the matriarch of the village who rounded all the kids up until one of them fessed up.

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