• Setting up pfSense and it doesn’t boot? Hit escape to load the pre-exec envrionment (OK prompt), then:
    set kern.vty=sc

Be sure to add this to /boot/loader.conf for permanence!

This sets the terminal to system console.

Courtesy of The Geek Pub.

  • Interfaces – WAN – turn off “prevent access from RFC 1918”; save; then Firewall > WAN > allow access from your trusted subnet. This allows you to configure on your current internet, instead of setting up a LAN connection.
  • Change Admin PW, duh!
  • Packages! pfBlockerNG. snort.
  • Port Knocking? Susceptible to replay attacks, but there are encrypted new versions avail. I still like it though 🙂
  • DNS Capture? Oh yeah. https://blog.flippedbits.io/2020/07/wrangling-dns-on-your-network-part-2-forcing-pfsense-dns/
  • (Part 3 talks about setup for pfBlockerNG)
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