I recently took a Solidity bootcamp course with Puerto Rico Blockchain Trade Association. For many non-techs, […]
Working on a presentation to share at UPR (Universidad de Puerto Rico) regarding the shortcomings of […]
I am constantly reading tech news. After Reddit’s controversial API changes earlier this year, I left […]
A couple of years ago I got the bright idea to try and setup my own […]
One of the most common questions for new developers, is how to host their Node.js or […]
Since we relocated to Puerto Rico, it made sense to find a new branding which was […]
(Want to skip the backstory and just get the recipe? I won’t judge you.) Everyone has […]
In November 2020, Facebook announced they were switching their brand name to Meta, and unveiled their […]
Branding is a vital part of your business. Your online presence must accurately reflect that — […]
This is the second of a 2-part story. See the first part here. Our client was […]
“Has this ever happened to you…?” Circa 2006, I was in charge of managing some critical […]
So, now that MS has finally launched Windows 11, it might be time to upgrade. Their […]
Virtual Machines are an important standard for today’s infrastructure. They make it simple to manage, backup, […]
Congratulations! So you just had Quantum Leap Chicago build you an awesome website. But you want […]
Recently I had an interesting interaction with a colleague. She had announced a few months ago […]
Work From Home (WFH) or ‘telecommuting’ has always been a contentious issue. Some people love it, […]
Didn’t get a jump on it this summer? No worries! We’re extending our special prices through […]
Are you still paying for SSL certificates? We can help save you money by using Let’s […]
Forgive the clickbait title, but it’s true. Why are you still paying for a license for […]
These tips and tools are “hacks” for editing WordPress database — not dealing with a hacked […]
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